Hardware Lease

You need it. We got it. Get the network you need without the commitment.

Rabash offers flexible equipment rental and leasing options for when you need to fill short-term demands or meet immediate needs for networking technology with limited capital. Rabash rental and lease equipment is subject to the same rigorous testing and high standards as the pre-owned, refurbished, and used computer networking equipment available to our retail customers. Our extensive inventory includes routers, switches, IP telephony, security, and server/storage  products from Cisco, Extreme, Juniper, Brocade,Dell and other leading manufacturers.

Why Rent Computer Networking Equipment?

Rental equipment offers a cost-effective solution for companies that need computer networking gear on a temporary basis – typically, less than 90 days. Our customers rent networking equipment to set up training environments, perform testing, plan for disaster recovery, manage corporate relocation, and provide infrastructure for events. When budgets are tight, renting equipment can also help you meet immediate technology needs and keep critical projects on track until sufficient capital is available for technology purchases.

Why Lease Computer Networking Equipment?

Leasing is a smart alternative for companies that need computer networking equipment for periods ranging from three months to five years but want to conserve capital and minimize purchase risk. Rabash’s flexible terms typically do not require a significant down payment, and payments are fixed for the term of the lease. Leasing equipment also reduces the risk of investing in cutting-edge technology that may be obsolete in just a few years.

Have questions? Need a quote?

For more information about Rabash’s networking equipment rental and leasing programs, including product availability and pricing, Email us now – hello@rabashtech.com